Tak Ming Alumi Association of Eastern Canada
Income & Expense Statement as of November 8, 2008
  C$  C$   
  Opening cash balance as of November 8, 2008 08年11月8日結存          0.00  
  Sponsorship  Received  
       From local members 本地贊助      1,774.00  
  From overseas   
    陳校長夫人 US$500  
   TMAA-US West  US$300  
   TMAA-US East  US$500  
   Ms. Ma So Bing (California) US$100 海外贊助      1,683.70  
  Total sponsorship received 贊助總收入    3,457.70  
  Membership Fees Received 會員費收入    1,250.00  
  Dinner Event on November 8, 2008 太古金皇朝聚餐  
  Dinner fees received from members 晚宴費收入      6,240.00  
  Dinner fees paid to 太古金皇朝 (included $40 tips) 晚宴費用     (4,920.00)  
  Centre piece for dinner tables 餐桌花瓶擺設       (310.16)  
  Auction sale for bunch of flowers  鮮花義賣收入          30.00  
  Sale of CDs re dinner function 售賣晚宴光碟收入        297.10  
  Net income on dinner event: 晚宴淨收入    1,336.94  
  Bank account & cheque printing 銀行開戶支票印刷        120.10  
  Bank monthly charges 銀行月費          45.68  
  Association's banner 會徽及橫額        408.45  
  Web hosting  網頁        267.44  
  Stamp fees  郵票          53.03  
  Petty cash fund 零用錢儲備金        200.00 雜項總支出   (1,094.70)  
  Association's fund balance as of December 31, 2008 08年12月31日結存    4,949.94